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Postcard: Old Lady at the Floating Market


This old lady was selling fresh young coconut. She was just staying in that corner to avoid the busy river with lot of boats, both tourists and vendors. I was at the other side of the riverbank. She suddenly caught my attention while I had my brunch. I grabbed my camera and zoomed the lens to capture this image. The moment I looked at her, I got mixed emotions. That kind of moment is the reason why sometimes I travelled solo. I want to see and feel the reality of life, those ordinary things. Honestly, at that very moment, I got teary eyed. I miss my mom!


Anaiah Rhys – First Birthday Shoot

Anaiah Rhys Capuso will be celebrating her first birthday on 26th November. I am so glad to be the one to do her first birthday shoot.

Naiah 01v2 2
She’s so adorable. Smile Naiah!

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Jade’s Pre-baptismal Shoot.

Jade was born in Malaysia of both Filipino parents. I was asked to do a pre-baptismal shoot before they will be going to the Philippines for the ceremony. It was my honor. The shoot was done in Taman Paramount (Paramount Park) in Petaling Jaya.Optimized-_MG_9138-2 Continue reading Jade’s Pre-baptismal Shoot.

My First in Portrait Photography.

I went to the event without doing any research. I just used my basic knowledge in photography, simply, how to set the camera. I fairly got good shots but the most mistake I got is not focusing on the eyes. Damn. Optimized-_MG_5667 Continue reading My First in Portrait Photography.

Budz and MJ. A First Take on Pre-nup Photography.

They are a lovely couple. They finally decided to tie the knot and to live happily ever after.

Before leaving Malaysia and settling in Australia for good, they decided to have pre-nup shots here in Malaysia. It was my first to take a pre-nup photo shoot. I don’t even have experiences in portraits photography. Honestly, I went to that activity without doing any technical photography self-study (white balance setting, focus setting, aperture setting, etc. etc.). I focused mainly on researching angles and choreography.

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Cute CJ! The Pre-birthday Shoot!

Head, shoulder, knees and toes, knees and toes… ♪♪♪♫♫♫ It’s the nursery rhyme that whatever he is doing, he will stop and then do the actions for the song. It really makes me smile.

That’s CJ. A cool, clever and enthusiastic kid. Born from Mommy Julie-Ann and Daddy Charlie, both Filipino, CJ celebrated his birthday on March 1 in the Philippines. Before going there, I did a pre-birthday shoot on this lovely and wise kid. Continue reading Cute CJ! The Pre-birthday Shoot!