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Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory – Patuxai (Arc de Triomphe of Laos) 

This monument is known as Arc de Triomphe of Asia which is located in Vientiane City, Laos. Patuxai is a Lao word meaning Gate of Victory. This monument is built for the Lao people who fought in the struggle for independence from France. 


Biking in Vientiane, Laos

Strolling Vientiane could be exciting, less costly and efficient through biking. When I learned that tourist attractions in Vientiane could be reached through biking, I was so excited. I learned driving a bike since I was a kid. During my high school days, I used bike to go to school which was located 2.5 km from our home.

Wat That Luang Nuea in the background.

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Vientiane City. The Gateway to Laos.

A backpacker approached me at the airport to share a cab going to the city. But due to we were heading to different directions, we decided to separate ways. My plan was to take a tuktuk going to the city. I got out from the airport  and walked to the main highway. Another backpacker approached me and we decided to go to the city together. We flagged down a tuktuk and asked if going to the city. The passengers couldn’t understand us. Oh here it is, language barrier. I mentioned Wat Si Saket and they nodded yes. Okay, we jumped in. Armed with a printed city map, I was pretty sure we were on the right direction.

Laos: Stop-over in Vientiane

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Laos, Simply Beautiful. My Travel Prologue.

With the emerging of so many low-cost carriers nowadays, traveling to other places, countries in particular, doesn’t pain your wallet anymore. It helps a lot if you are in a budget travel. I decided to visit a place where some people don’t know how simply majestic the place is. The place is politically called Lao PDR (People’s Democratic Republic). For the locals, it is proudly called Laos, simply beautiful!

The faces of Laos.

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The Twilight in Mekong River

“The pale stars were sliding into their places. The whispering of the leaves was almost hushed. All about them it was still and shadowy and sweet. It was that wonderful moment when, for lack of a visible horizon, the not yet darkened world seems infinitely greater—a moment when anything can happen, anything be believed in.”
Olivia Howard Dunbar, The Shell of Sense

The twilight before the sunrise in Mekong River in Luang Prabang, Laos.

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Sunset in Phousi Hill

Sunset in Phousi Hill in Luang Prabang, Laos.

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