Vietnam: Exploring Mui Ne (Day 2)


My second day in Mui Ne started very early. I hired a driver for the scooter to bring me to the white sand dunes. It is 30 km away from the resort I was staying. At exactly 5 am we left the resort. It was drizzling a bit but here I were again, hoping for a glam sunrise.

Along the way, passing by the coastal road, the sun started to sneak at the horizon. I told the driver to stop the scooter. I then position my lens toward that glam sunrise. It was indeed glamorous. Well, I did not make to watch it at the white sand dunes. But having that opportunity was awesome. I am indeed a fan of sunrise and sunset.


After an hour of traversing the Vietnam desert-like place, we finally arrived at the white sand dunes. I paid the entrance fee and immediately made my trek to the top. There is atv ride you can rent, but I didn’t mind it. I wanted to the trek. It was early morning and it is the best time of the day to loosen up your body.

The white sand dunes or locally known as Bau Trang, are by far larger than the red sand dunes. Its formation indeed creates a drama that would leave the visitors in an awe.

Just near the entrance to the white sand dunes is the lotus garden.

On my way back, you can passed by a serene Vietnamese cemetery. I did a quickie stop at the fishing village. Oh, it was indeed busy in the morning.

After I arrived at the resort, I took my breakfast by the beach. Sumptuous.

Then I enjoyed myself with that gorgeous white sand beach. Watched those doing kite surfing. Enjoyed the sea, sun and sand. Fabulous.

I then packed my things and checked-out. I just left my luggage in the resort and quickly drove the scooter to the Fairy Stream. No need to for a tour guide in visiting this place. Just go to the starting point and do it by yourself.

The stream is very scenic specially if the weather is fine with clear blue sky. That blue sky will indeed create contrast to that orange sandy hill.

After fairy stream, I drove to red sand dunes to have a second visit. I want to see it again with clear blue sky. But my scooter broke down along the way. The spark plug didn’t work. A good samaritan helped me to bring me to the shop nearby. It was then fixed and I just paid 10.000 dong to the mechanic. I also gave something to the good samaritan.

I didn’t have so much time left so I decided to go back to the resort passing by the new hi-way. I should be backed at the resort before the bus will pick me up back to Saigon.



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