Vietnam: Exploring Mui Ne (Day 1)

“Once upon a time, Mui Ne was an isolated stretch of beach where pioneering travellers camped on the sand. Times have changed and it’s now a string of beach resorts, which have fused into one long coastal strip. These resorts are, for the most part, mercifully low-rise and set amid pretty gardens by the sea. The original fishing village is still here, but tourists outnumber locals these days. Mui Ne is definitely moving upmarket, as more exclusive places open their doors, complemented by swish restaurants and swanky shops, but there is still a (kite) surfer vibe to the town.” –

After I settled everything at the resort, I grabbed the scooter and did my first day itinerary. Red sand dunes and fishing village. The owner of the scooter gave me some hints regarding driving motorbike in Vietnam. Please do note that Vietnam is very much popular in motorbike. Huge number of them are in the streets. But those are in the cities. Places like Mui Ne is bearable. Let’s just say, the level is just like the urban places in Philippines.

First stop was fishing village. Though the best time to visit the place is early morning where fishermen docked their boats to sell off what they got. You can see the panoramic view of the town facing South China Sea. It was just a quick stop. I planned to visit again the following day.

I speed up directly to red sand dunes hoping that the sun would show its glam when setting at the horizon. It was gloomy afternoon. But I was still hoping. I parked the scooter at the restaurant parking area. The owners of each restaurant would welcome you once they saw you looking for place to park. That moment I knew already the set-up. So I chose which place I could have my late lunch.

I needed energy. It was late afternoon already. I needed it to push me up to that hilly red sand dunes. Burp. I was full. I started to climb the hilly dunes. Just ignore the tourist touts specially those offering that plastic sledge for a sand slide.Well, if you want to slide then avail them. But I’m not into it. I just wanted to see the beauty of that amazing place.

The place was indeed glamorous. I was awed. The landscape is so magical. The sand is not really red but somewhat reddish orange. I managed to climb to the top. Be careful at the top though because when the wind blows the sand and hit you, it is damn painful and might as well damage your electronic gadgets.

After an hour, I packed up and needed to drive back to the hotel before the rains would pour down. It was a hydrating climb so I grabbed some drinks at the restaurant where I parked the scooter. Then I haggled for a free parking. I got it. Haha.

I was already 700 meters away from the hotel and then the rain poured. It was damn heavy. It flooded. Blackout. I was in closed restaurant which is just in front of a house. It was dark. After few minutes, an old lady arrived and just simply smiled at me. She might knew already that I just needed a shade. I assumed she couldn’t converse in English so I did not talk to her. That smile already put me at ease.

The moment the rain stopped, I quickly pulled up the scooter. The road was flooded. I just followed the other drivers. And then I was stuck. The engine stopped. Somebody helped to pull out the scooter out of the water. I switched on again the engine and yey, it worked.

I arrived at the hotel safely, took a rest and cleaned up. I went out and looked for a dinner. Then, light’s off.



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