Arriving Bagan, Burma and Watching the Sunrise.


The moment I alighted the bus at the new bus terminal in Nyang-U, I immediately haggled for a horse cart. I really needed to hurry to catch the sunrise. I quickly grabbed one and told the driver to bring me to a temple where I could climb to the top and watch the sunrise. The driver offered me 10,000 kyat for the sunrise plus sending me to my hotel in New Bagan after watching the sunrise.

_MG_0267The temple is not quite towering but enough to see the sunrise. It is at the back of Dhammayazika Temple. It was awesome and majestic. Yes, I was in awe as it was my first to see the vast field with thousands of temples scattering from one corner to the other. I visited the place on rainy season, meaning the sky was not hazy. The good thing on hazy sky is to get a perfect image of the sun rising above those majestic temples. For the non-hazy sky, the good thing is you can really see the sun rays glittering towards those temples and even provide colourful cloud drama.


_MG_0313 _MG_0312 _MG_0310

Right after the sunrise, the driver sent me to Mya Tida Hotel in New Bagan.


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