Bus Night Trip, Yangon to Bagan.

_MG_0905One of the things budget travellers always considered when travelling is to spend the night in a long night trip. This is very much favourable specially in a long distance travel. Bus night trip is always budget friendly compared to air flights. Aside from cheaper fare, you can save as well a one night hotel cost.

Bagan is an 8 hour bus trip away from Yangon City. Though some local airlines cater the route, the fare is a bit expensive. I secured a non-VIP ticket for Bagan. The bus terminal in Yangon is quite far from the city. I took a cab and haggled a 6000 kyat. Usually, drivers quote 10000 kyat.
My bus scheduled departure was 6:30 pm. It was indeed a non-VIP bus. It was four seater per row ( 2 each side). Mineral water and wet tissue were provided. I was already at the terminal two hours before departure. The cab driver dropped me right in front of the loading bay of the bus line office where the bus will also park and pick-up the passengers._MG_0248
Since, it was still quite early, I roamed around the place and then settled for a light meal. Just bread and a bottle of softdrink. It was quite fun observing the local Burmese passing by, monks asking for alms, bystanders having their hot coffee.
The bus left at exactly a quarter before seven. After few hours, we had the first stop-over. Please note that all passengers should alight because the bus will be locked. I forgot to bring with me my camera thus I wasn’t able to take some shots of the restaurants. And yeah I forgot my wallet as well so I can’t even take a meal. Sigh. Gosh, it was cold and I really wanted to go inside the bus. Good that I was able to bring my jacket with me. The next stop overs, I think another 2, were just for those need to go to the restrooms/toilet.
When we were almost near to Nyang U bus terminal, the skies already started to turn into orange. It signalled the sun is soon rising. My mind was in a hurry but can’t do anything. I wanted to catch the sunrise. Though I still have another chance in the following day, but, I have to note that it was rainy season in Myanmar at that time. Though rains are quite rare in Central Myanmar even in monsoon season.

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