E-biking Bagan, Burma.


The temples in Bagan are strewn in every corner of this vast field. To truly feel the wonder of these brick structures, biking is one of brilliant ways to explore from most popular monuments to hidden gems. So when I arrived in Bagan, I was thinking to grab a manual bike but the e-bike stole my attention. Budget travellers have the only option to stay either in Nyang-U or New Bagan. Hotels in Old Bagan are quite expensive. So considering from where I stayed which was in New Bagan, it would be quite tiring to pedal around those temples. So I decided to try on the e-bike. It cost me 8000 kyat for a day.


I did not regret. It traveled me to every corner of Bagan without exerting my legs muscles. It was absolutely fun. It significantly added to that feeling of awesomeness. The e-bike is just basically a bicycle with a pedal but the body is mostly like that of motor bike. It has an integrated motor for propulsion thus the driver doesn’t need to push the pedal. The motor is powered by a rechargeable battery. Don’t worry, the fully charged battery is more than enough to roam around Bagan.


My experience in e-biking Bagan is more than the usual. The night I decided to head back to the hotel, after shooting the night beauty of Ananda Temple, my e-bike got flat tired. I tried to calm myself. After few minutes of thinking what to do, I decided to ask help from those locals passing by. But before I started to call one, a motorbike stopped in front of me with two older ladies. Obviously, they were asking me what happened. I immediately told them my situation. Thank God they can converse in English very well. They checked the e-bike and got the mobile number of the rental shop which was written and attached to the bike to the exact position where the motor bike plate number should be. They called the rental shop and informed them. They told me to just wait and the rescue is coming. Further, they did another call and then informed me that a policeman is coming to bring me to the nearest outpost for me to be safer while waiting for the rescue technician. Yeah, a police came and brought my e-bike to the outpost. I didn’t know how to thank the ladies any further but simply said my most sincere thanks to them. I was so touched. These Burmese ladies gave such impression of how locals treat foreigners and tourists.


Without waiting any further, the technician arrived and did the vulcanizing job. After that, I quickly drove my bike back to the hotel to end the day with a smile. A worthy day to treasure. Such an awesome travel experience.


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