Arriving Yangon City. Burma.

The many faces of Burma!

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is known for its thousands of temples scattering in the vast field in Bagan. Besides, it also showcases temples with stupas plated with gold. Thus, it is called the Golden Land.

Yangon City is the gateway of this previously isolated country. Arrived at Yangon International airport early in the morning from Kuala Lumpur via AirAsia, did the immigration stuff, bought some Kyats  and then grabbed a taxi. Immigration process was so smooth as Philippine nationals are already visa free. Kyats can’t be bought outside Myanmar nor can be exchanged to other currencies. The best way is to bring USD when travelling to Myanmar, but make sure those bills are crisp, uncrumpled and no pen/ink marked. Make sure to dispose your extra Kyats before leaving the country except those for your souvenir.
Yangon International Airport
Yangon International Airport arrival area.
Yangon International Airport departure area.
I haggled for the taxi fare. Please note taxis in Myanmar don’t use meter. My only itinerary for the day is to visit the Shwedagon Pagoda. But before doing it, I needed to purchase a bus ticket for my night trip to Bagan. The taxi driver agreed to bring me first to bus ticket outlet near Bogyoke Aung San Stadium to purchase a bus ticket for Bagan. Unfortunately, no more available ticket for VIP buses so I grabbed for a non-VIP one.
The taxi driver helping to get a bus ticket for Bagan at this ticketing stall.
The cab I grabbed at the airport.
Then the driver drove me to the Shwedagon Pagoda. I immediately paid the driver with 10,000 kyat and jumped out from the cab. I was so excited to explore Burma!

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