Laos, Simply Beautiful. My Travel Prologue.

With the emerging of so many low-cost carriers nowadays, traveling to other places, countries in particular, doesn’t pain your wallet anymore. It helps a lot if you are in a budget travel. I decided to visit a place where some people don’t know how simply majestic the place is. The place is politically called Lao PDR (People’s Democratic Republic). For the locals, it is proudly called Laos, simply beautiful!

The faces of Laos.

This not-yet-fully-discovered place is isolated by borders of Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. It is my second international solo backpacking trip. Laos is a communist country. Apparently, at first, I never thought it is safe to go there. But after reading some few blogs, I made my decision and book a promo flight with AirAsia for KL – Vientiane route.

I just wanted to go to a place with friendly locals, fresh environment, no traffic jam and simple and humble community. Laos is rich in history looking back 10000 years ago. It indeed offers tourists a unique spin of travel experience. Buddhism is the major religion in this landlocked state so old and majestic temples await you. To add, caving, tubing, trekking, waterfalls are some of the tourist attractions.

The plane landed at Wattay International Airport in the country’s capital, Vientiane. The airport is just so small with few souvenirs shops.  Laos is an ASEAN member, thus citizens of the Philippines or any ASEAN countries are visa free. I got my Lao Kip at the money exchanger right after the immigration desk. Thai Baht is acceptable in Laos so if you have this, you don’t need to exchange it for Lao Kip.

And the adventure officially began. Welcome to Laos!

Wattay International Airport in Vientiane
The waiting lounge inside the airport.
AirAsia Airbus from KL.

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