Biking in Vientiane, Laos

Strolling Vientiane could be exciting, less costly and efficient through biking. When I learned that tourist attractions in Vientiane could be reached through biking, I was so excited. I learned driving a bike since I was a kid. During my high school days, I used bike to go to school which was located 2.5 km from our home.

Wat That Luang Nuea in the background.

Bikes in Vientiane can be found anywhere in the city proper. I found one along Avenue Lane Xang, just in front of Talat Sao Shopping Mall. I got one for 15000 Lao kip rental. The bike should be returned before 6 pm. They will ask to leave your passport. Don’t worry, policemen already aware of this arrangement.

So here I was, biking in Laos’ capital city, Vientiane. Take note though that going to Pha That Luang, you’ll be climbing for I think 1 deg slope, so it will take more effort. Vientiane roads have less vehicles so biking is not that dangerous.

The owner checked the bike.


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