Hat Yai City. Wandering the Streets.

My last day and I was so lazy to get up. I needed more sleep. Tired. I decided to cancel my last itinerary which is the Tone Nga Chang Falls. I woke up late. Got ready and wandered the streets. Explored the city.


One of the best things in traveling is to explore not just those tourist attractions but also to those normal places, corners of the city. Observing the people and their culture is awesome. Ate their local street foods and did some sort of shopping. Hat Yai is a shopping hub for Malaysians.


Wandering the streets is indeed tiring but full of adventures. Streets with Thai signage perfectly led me to getting lost. But I was fearless, I knew I was just few corners away from the hotel. Visited the public market, shopping malls and look for McDonalds. Yes, you heard it right. I need to have a selfie picture with Ronald doing the famous Thai gesture, put palms together above chest. But sad to know the mall was under renovation. Never mind, I still have a lot of chances to visit Thailand.


Bought some street foods, shrimp and sticky rice with sweet mango, and went back to the hotel. Took my late lunch and did the late check-out enough to catch the train back to Malaysia. Gosh! I did my first solo backpacking in Thailand. Fabulous!



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