Samila Beach in Songkhla, Thailand. My Morning Dip.

It was my first swimming in a foreign beach. It was early in the morning after I watched the magnificent sunrise. I got the chance to pose at the mermaid statue as well. I strolled the beach the day before  but it was very difficult to pose with the famous statue during peak hours due to the numerous tourists visiting the place. So I decided and conditioned myself to wake up early in the morning to watch the sunset, do the morning dip and pose with the mermaid. According to the locals’ belief, touching the bronze statue especially the breast will bring you luck. Hhhmmm. Optimized-_MG_3444Optimized-hatyai-75The public white sandy beach was very calm in that morning while I enjoyed splashing in the clear water. It was quiet. Some locals took their usual morning exercise routine. I had the whole beach for myself. Relaxed. Chilled. Distressed. It was fulfilling to wake early in the morning and able to hug and kiss the beauty of nature.



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