Mueang Songkhla District. Strolling Khao Tang Kuan.

Tang Kuan Hilltop

Songkhla is the southern tip province of Thailand. It is called Singgora in Malay which was an old city of the Malay Kingdom of Langkasuka. Mueang Sonkhla is surrounded by beaches such as Samila Beach and Son Awn Beach. It is the capital city of Songkhla province which is also known as the great city of two seas.

Spicy Steamed Squid in Lime

After I checked in at BP Samila Beach Hotel and Resorts and took a power nap, I excitedly went out for an afternoon stroll in this capital city. I dropped by in the restaurant nearby and had my lunch, spicy steamed squid in lime. Oh yeah, it was so spicy.After having my late lunch, I walked following the direction to Khao (Hill) Tang Kuan. At the hilltop, you will have the 360 deg breathtaking view of the Songkhla city and the neighboring districts. There is an inclined lift bringing the tourist up.

Also at the top is the sacred pagoda Dvaravati Chedi in which locals believed it contains Buddha relics. It was built during the Nakhon Si Thammarat Empire. Admission fee is 30 baht.

Me and the Dvaravati Chedi
Dvaravati Chedi

Thailand: Strolling in Songkhla

Songkhla Lake

Thailand: Strolling in Songkhla
Songkhla City
Thailand: Strolling in Songkhla
Samila Beach




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