Jade’s Pre-baptismal Shoot.

Jade was born in Malaysia of both Filipino parents. I was asked to do a pre-baptismal shoot before they will be going to the Philippines for the ceremony. It was my honor. The shoot was done in Taman Paramount (Paramount Park) in Petaling Jaya.Optimized-_MG_9138-2

It was my first to do a shoot on a less than a year old baby. Patience is indeed a virtue. You should have yourself be ready to capture the every moment.

To sum it all, it was fun. I was so thankful for the opportunity. I learned and enjoyed.Optimized-_MG_9199

Optimized-_MG_9106 Optimized-_MG_9110Optimized-_MG_9091


One thought on “Jade’s Pre-baptismal Shoot.”

  1. Teh Rodger, thanks again for this… came across with her old pics kasi… your shots .. incredible talaga we love you!!! – Jane, Erick and Jade


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