Hat Yai City. A Night in Khlong Hae Floating Market.

After a tiring day of strolling the city and that unplanned trekking in Hat Yai municipal park, I still forced my feet to walk to the street and get a tuktuk or motorbike for hire to bring me to Khlong Hae floating market. Right outside the hotel, I got a motorbike for hire and we settled for 60 baht. He would bring me to that floating market.Optimized-_MG_3723

I haven’t visited any floating market yet. It was my first time to visit Thailand and this country is famous for this such attraction. The market is located in Khlong Hae in Hat Yai City. Vendors are selling variety of local Thai foods and snacks, putting them onto small boats alongside the river. I bought some stay and steamed fish balls. Dipped them in satay sauce. Delicious. The floating market is open on Friday to Sunday, 3:00pm to 9:00pm.

Optimized-_MG_3759At 9:00pm, vendors already packed-up and left the place so decide to leave as well. It was a long day and wanna lie down in a comforting bed. I was looking for a motorbike or tuktuk to hire but found none. It was past 10pm already. I started to panic. I decided to flag down any tuktuk passing by. Fortunately, one tuktuk stopped. I tried to converse in broken English. The driver totally could not understand me. He was with his wife and his son at the back. He mentioned railway station. So I nodded and said Hatyai railway station. Optimized-_MG_3764Optimized-_MG_3767Optimized-_MG_3769While on our way, I checked the google map. It seemed we were not in the right way. I started to panic again. After passing those residential area, we got out in the highway Thanon Phetkasem Road. It was familiar to me. This is the highway from Songkhla. And then we traversed going up following Kanjanavanich Road and stopped in a busy night market. I saw some motorbike for hire. The driver said, railway station pointing to the night market. I did not got mad and was so thankful that he brought me to that place. I checked my phone again and I was just 2 km away from my hotel. Perfect. I was lost but it was good. Laughs.

2014-07-152 2014-07-153


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