The Majestic Mosque. The Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque of Brunei.

I planned to visit this majestic architecture both on day time and night time. I couldn’t wait to capture it’s beauty specially at night. The famous long exposure shot in photography to capture a dramatic night scene.


Exploring Bandar Seri Begawan City doesn’t need you a car. You can just walk. Right in front of the hotel is the Regalia Museum. This museum is mainly devoted to Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. It displays anything related to his life. The Sultan is the 29th and current sultan of this sultanate state.

Royal Regalia Museum

I am not a fan of museum so going inside is not part of my itinerary. I didn’t even know if it was open or not during my visit. I just took a shot of its architectural beauty from outside. I strolled the street heading to the majestic famous mosque. The street was clean. There was none I saw locals walking in the street. I saw few tourists. There was a soccer field in front of the mosque. Took few shots.





Then here I was. In front of this famous mosque. It was indeed majestic, grandiose. It is the national symbol of this oil rich state. I immediately positioned myself to capture its true beauty. But wait, I have to take my signature pose. The cartwheeling. Yes, I got it perfectly but it took me 19 times to be exact. Funny but worthy.


_MG_0262 (2)

It was Ramadan time so the people are praying more frequently. A note was posted at the entrance to discourage non-Muslim people in entering this Holy place. I respected. Not quite sad. There will be always be a next time. Not sure though. The back part of the mosque is an artificial pond. And there is the royal boat located.

This mosque is considered as the most beautiful mosque in Asia Pacific. The main dome is covered with pure gold.


_MG_0300 (2)


After been awed by the mosque’s beauty, I planned to explore the Kampung Ayer (Water Village) which is documented in the next post.

On that night, I went back to the mosque to do some night shoots. It was awesome.





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