Dujanon Festival. The New Pride of Anda, Bohol.

Anda, the rustic and humble paradise of eastern Bohol, celebrates Dujanon Festival every third Monday of January. Dujanon (duyanon in Cebuano) is a Boholano term which comes from the root word Duyan, meaning a native baby crib with with a rope tied in both ends used to comfort a baby. To avoid the replication of the mother of all festivals in the Philippines which is Sinulog in Cebu City, Anda created this artistic innovation. This Catholic event is to honor the Holy Child, Senior Sto. Nino.photo2

Patterned in other festivals, Dujanon competing groups will perform in street dancing and an interpretative and dramatic dance presentation in the town plaza. The 16 barangays (villages) consisting this small town will vie for the prize. The presentation is expected to showcase the culture, history and heritage of this God-fearing and conservative community.

From Malaysia, I was already set to attend the Sinulog Festival 2013 which is on the second Sunday of January. Technically, at that time, the next day after Sinulog was the Dujanon. So right after the Sinulog Festival in Cebu City, I made sure to catch up the first fast ferry trip to Bohol. I was able to get to Anda in the afternoon, enough to catch up the event. Thank God for the safe trip.

The show was not that extravagant. It was rustic and simple. But, it represented our humble town’s culture and belief. For the tourists, it is an additional attraction when you visit Anda during it’s annual town thanksgiving day (fiesta) and witness the Dujanon Festival.

Viva Anda! Viva Pit Senior! Dujanon!Optimized-_MG_8742Optimized-_MG_8723photoOptimized-_MG_8741Optimized-_MG_8754Optimized-_MG_8747


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