Anda. The Rustic and Mystic Paradise of Bohol.

My hometown. The paradise. The true witness of my childhood life.

I grew up in this small town located in the east coast of Bohol. Exactly 100 km from Bohol’s capital Tagbilaran City. It is a community of God-fearing and friendly locals. It is a peninsula composed of dense forests, agricultural haven, greenish mangrove plantations and above all, the white sand beaches surrounded by gigantic limestone formations and green crystal clear water.Optimized-_MG_8663

Anda is near to my heart. The very place I can call my home. As my profession dictates, I need to be in far away land to make a living. Surely, once a year I shouldn’t miss the chance to be back home. Enjoy the real meaning of being home. Slow-paced life. Fresh air. Happy people. Tagay-tagay (drinking with friends).  And most especially, the reunion with family, relatives, childhood and school friends.

Anda is now the new tourism destination of Bohol. Numerous resorts ranging from budget to splurge. Name it, Anda can offer. For backpackers and other tourists, you can take a direct flight from Manila to Tagbilaran City. If coming from Cebu City, you take the fast ferry or slow boat. From the port or airport, take the tricycle going to Dao Bus Terminal. There are many touts to approach you in the port/airport. Don’t be a victim. Haggle for best fare. Last time I went home I paid PhP 100 for one trip from the airport. In the bus terminal, there are also many touts to approach you. Tell them you will be going to Anda. You can take the van or the ordinary bus. Once, you are on board, tell the driver or the van/bus crew to the resort you’ll be staying. They will gladly assist you to reach there. Don’t worry you don’t need to tip them.

When you are there, don’t forget to visit the Lamanok Cave and the Kumbento Cave. For Kumbento Cave you can hire a habal-habal (motorbike for hire) to take you there. For Lamanok Cave, you can still hire a habal-habal to Badiang and from there you take the boat tour. This is a paddled boat but no worries, the guide will paddle it. You can also ask your hostel for assistance.

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