Redang Escapade. Exploring the Island.

Malaysia is not popular for pristine beaches. Yes, you may heard about Langkawi and Saba. I have never been to both but as per reviews, the former is overrated when it comes to beaches while the latter have few but it is quiet far from Kuala Lumpur. I was really longing to have a beach trip in Malaysia but I got nowhere to go that I can compare to the beaches in the Philippines. Until, I tried Redang Island.

When the jetty was approaching the dock of Redang Beach Resort, I was fascinated by the clear crystal water. I really thought I was in an island in the Philippines or Thailand. The beach coast, the island, the forest, the gigantic not-limestone rock formations, etc, etc are indeed so lovely even from afar. I couldn’t wait to splash.Optimized-_MG_0670Optimized-_MG_0650It was a snorkeling tour so we have snorkeling session in the morning and in the afternoon. Before and after the sessions, are our free time to explore the island, sit on the beach beds, and took some shots. One of the lovely thing to be at the beach is to witness the sunset or the sunrise. Since location is facing east then we will have the lovely sunrise. Optimized-_MG_0840Optimized-_MG_1097Optimized-_MG_0829Optimized-_MG_0663Optimized-_MG_0704Optimized-_MG_0992Optimized-_MG_1024Optimized-_MG_1012Optimized-_MG_1099


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