Genting Highlands. The Malaysia’s Only Las Vegas.

Yes, this is the Malaysia’s only Las Vegas. Malaysia is basically an Islamic country. In Islam, gambling is not allowed. But for some reasons, Genting was allowed to put up a casino. And this is the only casino in Malaysia. Aside from casino, the complex consists of theme park, hotels, shopping mall and restaurants. For non-gamblers, the most attracting features of this place are the cool temperature and the cable car. Aside from those two, there’s nothing extraordinary. Situated 1740 meters above sea level, its temperature is ranging 5-10 deg C.IMG_1363

There are two starting points to get into the Genting bus to the skyway. The one is in KL Sentral and the other one is in Gombak station. You will take the bus until skyway terminal. There, you will transfer to the cable car. This is the most exciting part. It was my first to ride a cable car. And take not, it is traversing along the jungle. I was scared at first but along the way, I was relaxed and loosen-up floating above the foggy green scenery. Inhale, exhale that fresh air.

IMG_1367 IMG_1359 IMG_1360 295590_2119214832352_6137247_n 293182_2118455693374_6749240_n     185589_2119208392191_5280480_n



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