Prambanan. The Exotic Hindu Temple in Java.

Prambanan is actually a temple complex in Jogjakarta and is the biggest in Java. The time it was built, it basically had 224 temples within the complex. The three main temples (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) are still towering high proudly displaying their majestic beauty. Most of the small temples around the complex were already damaged and ruined by earthquakes and volcanic eruption.


The temples are indeed a masterpiece of Hindu architecture which showcase the wealth of sculptural details which include the most popular, vital and utterly engrossing Ramanaya epic in the inner wall of the balustrade.


Located 17 km from Malioboro, it is accessible by Trans Jogja. From Borobudur, I just did a reverse on the trip. I took the bus from Borobudur to Jombor and took the Trans Jogja from Jombor to Malioboro. From Malioboro, I took the line 1A (this is the one I took from airport to Malioboro) to Prambanan. I alighted in the last bus top. You can see the towering beautiful temples from afar. It was raining hard somewhere in Jogja on my way to Prambanan. Fortunately, it was not raining in Prambanan.

As usual, there were touts outside the bus stop but I ignored them. The temple complex is already on the other side of the road. Why should I take a rickshaw? Facing on the temple, the entrance is on the right side. Same as Borobudur, foreigners have different entrance. But I managed to enter the entrance for locals and paid the local rate. I just conversed the entrance crew in Bahasa and may be he thought I am an Indonesian. Entrance fee is same with Borobudur.

_MG_1645 _MG_1641


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