Budz and MJ. A First Take on Pre-nup Photography.

They are a lovely couple. They finally decided to tie the knot and to live happily ever after.

Before leaving Malaysia and settling in Australia for good, they decided to have pre-nup shots here in Malaysia. It was my first to take a pre-nup photo shoot. I don’t even have experiences in portraits photography. Honestly, I went to that activity without doing any technical photography self-study (white balance setting, focus setting, aperture setting, etc. etc.). I focused mainly on researching angles and choreography.


There were two amateur photog and I was just the secondary. Finally we made it! It was so fun. I envied the sweetness of the couple. How I wish I could have a partner. Someday. Somewhere. Hopefully soon!

  • Location: Putrajaya City and Petronas Towers
  • Make-up: Julie-Ann and Val
  • Assistants: Connie, Dubz
  • Photog: Myself and Glenn





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