Borobudur. The Ancient Beauty of Java.

I woke up early, set-up my stuff and went straight to the bus stop. My itinerary for that day was Borobudur in the morning and Prambanan in the afternoon. They are in different directions though but as per some blogs, it could be done in one day on DIY. Borobudur shouldn’t be missed when you are in Yogyakarta or even when you are in Java. Well, I think, people came to Yogyakarta mainly because of Borobudur and Prambanan.


Borobudur is a Buddhist temple and is located in Magelang, 50km away from Malioboro. It is one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world. It has a pyramidal base to support the superimposing ten terraces. Each terrace has perfectly molded bell-shaped small stupas harmonious scattered from each other. This amazing structure obviously displays the outstanding Indonesian art from between the early 8th and late 9th centuries.

From Malioboro, I took the line 3A of Trans Jogja and alighted at PKU Muhammadiyah stop to transfer to other line. Please note not to get out of the station to avoid to buy the ticket again. I transferred to line 2B and alighted in Jombor station. By the way, I bought an Indonesian sim and got 3G so I couldn’t be lost. Sometimes, I am so lazy asking for directions. In Jombor, I took a bus to Borobudur. When arriving in Borobudur, a lot of touts will offer for a ride to the compound. The temple is still around 1 km away. I decided to walk.

The moment I was in front of the compound, I remembered some blogs saying it’s difficult to find out the entrance. Yes, it is true. It is a big compound so it will be tiring to get lost, Make sure to follow the signage. I actually entered at the vehicle entrance. In front of souvenir stores, there is a signage pointing to the entrance where to pay the entrance fee. Wait. There’s still another trick. That entrance is for locals (Indonesians) only. For foreigners, there is a separate entrance and of course of more expensive. Locals need to pay only Rp 30,000 while foreigners need to pay Rp 200,000. For foreigners’ entrance, there is a chilling area with free drinks (coffee, tea, water). They put the sarong to my waist. I just got the free mineral water and went directly to the temple. I was that excited.

And here I was. The temple is amazing. I was awed by its beauty. I started to explore the fantastic structure. Climbed. Walked. Posed. Shutter-clicked.


_MG_1444 _MG_1486_MG_1525 _MG_1508 _MG_1538


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