Arriving Yogyakarta. The Gateway to Central Java, Indonesia.

My fourth international solo backpacking trip. My first trip to Indonesia. Yogyakarta or Jogjakarta or simply Jogja is a popular destination in Indonesia due to its proximity to the known Borobudur and Prambanan temples.

I took up the red-eye flight of AirAsia from KL’s LCCT and arrived in Adisucipto International Airport safely. The flight was not really a red-eye, but due to the time consumed in commuting from KL to LCCT, I got no sleep. The airport doesn’t look like an international airport though. There were only two immigration counters for foreigners in a very small area. After immigration, I went directly to Malioboro. My itinerary for that day was only to stroll around Malioboro.


The airport is accessible through taxi, train or bus. The moment I stepped outside the airport, I decided to take the bus. The city has its own public bus system known as Tran Jogja. It is actually patterned to Trans Jakarta, a public bus system in Jakarta. Trans Jogja has eight lines. From the airport, you need to take the line 1A and drop by in any of the bus stations in Malioboro Street. Please be careful to check on the bus destination. Line 1A going to Prambanan temple will also drop by in the airport bus station same as the one going back to Malioboro coming from Prambanan. I almost took the ride going to Prambanan.

The bus ticket costs Rp 3000 and can be purchased at the bus station. You need to purchase the ticket, swipe it and get in the station. It’s like coming in to a train station. The bus condition is merely fair. The AC seems can’t accommodate during peak hours.

The moment the bus entered the Malioboro street, you will definitely know. You can see a lot of motorbikes parked at street side. There is a long stretch of makan-makan (eatery) stalls offering those Indonesian foods like ayam goreng, nasi goreng, etc.



I alighted the bus on the first bus stop in Malioboro street. I strolled and look for Jalan Dagen. I stayed in Dafam Fortuna Hotel which is located in the street. After I checked-in, I went out and strolled in Malioboro street to find for lunch. I saw J-Co Donuts in Malioboro Mall so I took my lunch with few pieces of donuts. J-Co Donuts originated in Indonesia. I went back to the hotel and had a power nap.

_MG_1744 _MG_1404



I went out later at night to have my dinner. There were only few decent restaurants in Malioboro. As per tripadvisor, I chose and ordered Indonesian seafoods satay and their local Bintang beer. I went back to the hotel to end the day. I need to wake early the following morning for my DIY trip to Borobudur. I decided not to catch-up the sunrise but still need to be there as early as the Trans Jogja will open. I needed to finish the Borobudur trip as early as possible so I can make it to Prambanan temple before the sunset.

Details on strolling in Malioboro, Borobudur trip and Prambanan trip are in separate posts.


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