Thaipusam Festival 2013 in Kuala Lumpur

I should have taken more rest. I was utterly exhausted and bushed after backpacking my lovely Philippines. Yes, I just recently graced the Sinulog Festival 2013 in Cebu City and Dujanon Festival 2013 in Anda, Bohol. Both are in the Philippines. See my separate blogs for them. But, I needed to rise up and go to Batu Caves. I should witness a festival worth to see. A festival of Hindu community. The colours of Thaipusam Festival 2013.

Thaipusam is happening on the full moon of the Tamil month. This Hindu festival is mostly celebrated by Tamil community. This is the occasion when they commemorate the day when Lord Parvati gave Lord Murugan a Vel spear for him to use fighting against the demon Soorapadman. Thus, this festival is mainly offered to Lord Murugan.

Tamil communities are not only residing in countries where majority of the population are Hindus like India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, but also in neighboring Asian countries such Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, Thailand and Myanmar. In Malaysia, it is vibrantly celebrated in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

The celebration in Kuala Lumpur is actually happening in Batu Caves which is officially belonged to the state of Selangor. These caves housed the temple dedicated to Lord Murugan. Thus the celebration happens here.

I missed the, supposedly my first, Thaipusam Festival 2012 thus I didn’t loss the chance to experience it this year. As per locals, Thaipusam in Penang is more vibrant than in KL. I woke early on that Sunday and braved myself to mingle the heavy crowd, mostly Indians. Batu Caves is accessible thru Komuter train from KL Sentral station. Jumped-off at the Batu Caves station. The crowd in the train was not that heavy as expected as well as the one in the Batu Caves grounds. The sunlight stroke me much thus I lazily tried myself to climb up the stairs going inside the cave. I just amazingly witnessed the devotees carrying their kavadi (or cavadee) as offering to their lord. Kavadi is known as a physical burden which devotees do imploring penitence for their sins.


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