Road Trip to Johor Bahru

Legoland Malaysia is the first in Asia and was opened to public on the 15th September 2012. There were a lot of promotions before its opening day for the early birds to get some discounted daily and annual pass. I together with my friends managed to get discounted daily pass in KL MATTA Fair last August 2012.

Days passed and it was now our time to visit this not-so-popular theme park compared to Disneyland and Universal Studio. What made this park exciting is the Lego. Well, let’s see.

My friend (our official driver :-)), started the car engine at around 2am on the 17th Nov. It was a long trip. 315 kilometres to be exact. But a road trip is always meant to be a joy ride. We had our breakfast on our second stop. Our packed brakfast, tocino (Filipino dish) and steamed rice. After filling our tummy, we continued traversing the long road.

At around 9am, we finally arrived in Johor Bahru City. This is the urban city of the state of Johor, the southern tip of West Malaysia. It is bordered by the Johor Bahru straight separating the island of Singapore and some small islands of Indonesia.

Johor Bahru straight and the island of Singapore

We first visited the Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque. It is perched on a hill top with a breathtaking view of Johor straight and of course Singapore.

Mosque’s main entrance

It is considered as one of the beautiful mosques in Malaysia which combined the neo-classical Western and Islamic architecture. It was founded on 1892 but the construction was completed in 1900. We are not in proper dress so we did not try to get inside.

The front façade of the mosque.

From there, we drove to the Royal Mausoleum but we got lost and ended up in Dataran Bandaraya. This square symbolizes the declaration of Johor Bahru as a city.

The clock tower in Dataran Bandaraya.

We asked some help from locals to help us to find the way to that Royal Mausoleum and we got it. This burial grounds has a Moorish architecture.

The main entrance to the Royal Mausoleum.

It was past 12 noon already so we decided to take our lunch in The Zon mall which contains a lot of duty free shops. Johor Bahru is known for shopping especially for those coming from Singapore. Singapore is one of the expensive cities in the world thus going to Johor Bahru is a very good option to shop. The mall is old and not that good for shopping. The ground floor houses the duty free shops.

From there, we drove to our hotel for check-in and to take a nap. We easily found the hotel but we got puzzled to find the entrance. Gosh, we were so near so so far. In Malaysia, if you got a wrong turn, then you must be driving so far just to get your way back. At last, we checked-in at Tune Hotel. The hotel is still new thus it’s pretty clean. Though it was kinda noisy as you can hear those kids running and playing in the corridor. It was a long weekend in Malaysia and Singapore.

We wanted to take a quick shopping in Johor Premium Outlets. It’s famous in the city. You can really slurp yourself into shopping and enjoy lot discounts of high end brands. But, one of us had colds so we just rest and rest. Zzzzz. It was raining hard as well so it was really meant for us to sleep. Haha. At 7pm, our tummy needed some intakes, so we had our dinner in just a nearby restaurant. There were few dining shops in the area so there’s nothing to worry if the hotel doesn’t serve food and have no own restaurant.

Fried rice and spicy squids
Japanese braised tofu

Went to bed early and woke up early. Now, let’s Legoland!


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