Touched Down Luang Prabang

Touched down Luang Prabang. After alighting the bus, I managed to find a tuktuk to the town proper. I couldn’t converse the driver to bring me to the guest house I’ll be staying. I just advised to bring me to the Pousi Hill or Royal Palace museum. Based on Google map, the guest house is not that far to walk. Just after I saw the Royal Palace National Museumand based on GPS, I signaled to the driver to step on the brake. Paid my fare and jumped. Following the GPS, I managed to find the guesthouse. It was still 8am in the morning and the guesthouse staffs were still busy doing the morning chores. I asked if I could do early check-in and was allowed for free. I finally took a little rest and did a quick shower. I stayed in Saynamkhan Guesthouse.

Booked a tour for Kuang Si Fallsfor the afternoon. Pick-up time is 1:30pm. Still had a lot of time to stroll the town. The Nam Khan Riveris in festive mood because of a boat racing festival on that day.
After witnessing few boats, I visited Vat Xieng Tong. It is one of the most important Buddhist temples in Luang Prabang, Laos. It is also labelled as the Temple of the Golden City. It was constructed in 1560 by King Setthathirath. As written by Laurent Rampon, “The tiered roof forms a single harmonious line, flaring more than is usual and sheltering three central bays, augmented by two aisles. The plan of three naves and a single porch makes the structure unique, while the covering wall mosaic of blue glass and gilt reflects the city’s rivers and royal past. During each restoration, artists were instructed to faithfully reproduce the existing interior murals to ensure the continuity of Wat Xieng Thong’s spirituality”.

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