Hot Air Balloon Festival 2012 in Putrajaya

Woke up at 5am to catch up the the first train trip and went home with the last train trip. Yes, it was more than 12 hours strolling around Putrajaya for this event. Witnessed the hot air balloon, the cold air balloon, helicopter ride (i did not ride hehe), paramotor display, meet and greet the balloonist, night glowing balloon and of course the fireworks with free bottomless mountain dew courtesy of Pepsi Corp.

To kill the time (12nn to 8pm), did shopping (window shopping) at Alamada Mall and visited the Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC) which ended up getting lost coz the bridge near the balloon area was closed due to the overflowing visitors. The view from PICC was awesome and magnificient and will make you say “kudos” to Malaysian government for creating such beautiful city. It was my 3rd time to be in Putrajaya but was my first time to visit PICC. I stayed there until 8pm to take a wonderful nightshot of the whole city. I went then to the Seri Wawasan Bridge for the glowing hot air balloon and the fireworks. Oh yes, I got lost since the bus used the Seri Perdana bridge instead of the aforementioned. So I ended up walking for more than 500m. With my surprise, the bridge overflowed with the spectators which meant that I don’t have any extra space to set-up my stuff for the fireworks and of course to get nightshots on those glowing balloon. After a few moments, the guy in front of me offered the extra little space beside him. He saw me holding up my tripod so he knew already what I need. The other photog beside him automatically moved a little sideways to let me in. Thanks to them, else, I could not take those lovely fireworks shots. 



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